Can I have some beancake, please?

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Rant

I recently read Pat Akpan’s article in the Punch newspaper where she outlined the struggles she went through trying to source a prom dress for her niece in Loyola Jesuit College, Nigeria. The tale ended in classic Shakespearean tragedy format, and I would leave that for another day. What I admired most was the denouement of her piece- where she lambasted the idea of a prom in a Nigerian college. Ehen, that’s the koko of the matter. See, it’s not today I’ve being flagellating this silly mentality of adopting western cultures and ceremonies in a bid to sound ‘hip’, ‘world class’ and ‘global’. This cancer has infested everywhere in the society.
In my student days at the University of Lagos, I noticed a new fad in Mariere Hall. Conversations always went this way;
‘Ify, d’you know how much Toms go for?’
‘Nineteen dollars’
I always replied in an exasperated tone ‘Please, how much in naira?’ Everyone felt it was hip to quantify things in dollars. 
Then there was this craze last year about Halloween parties. People broadcasted felicitations about Halloween and wore masks to various events. It is an event to celebrate the end of a planting season and e no concern us, I kept whispering to those that came near.
Finally, I can’t forget all the Sabrina’s and Ella’s I met in the NYSC camp. True quality is not achieved by cloning. I will always believe our culture is not a secret and it’s high time we made it profit.
And for those who think bringing America home is genius; Truly, what pretentious nonsense?!

  1. jemjem says:

    answer to ur question–> No,we r havin’ nkwobi n isiewu n catfish peppersoup instead!!

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