memoirs of an otondo

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Memoirs

I arrived camp when shadows had grown long and in a haze of so many accents,I got a mattress and a dusty stretch on the cement floor which was very welcome seeing all this arrived at 2:00 a.m.

Reading the 50th law made me appreciate the Shopping for camp,I headed for Lagos Island to get the essentials. My homie, Itunu was at hand to give me the list of the requisite-although they sounded unrequisite-sneakers,white shorts, all to avoid using the camp issue.At the end of the day,I had a white ensemble which boasted cool labels,Itunu smiled gleefully at these and patted me on the back.The only purchase that gave me joy was a black and gold embossed copy of ‘The 50th Law’, you remember that book-the new sizzler from rap artiste,50 cent and the acclaimed writer,Robert Greene (The 48 Laws of Power,The Art of Seduction).
camp experience better. See, this was a book which rotated around the themes of individuality,mental alchemy-turning shit into sugar-and opportunism.

So I appreciated the early morning bugle,because it afforded me the opportunity of experiencing dawn in the open air;feeling the chilly breeze,seeing the sky lighten and the sun peek out-at first shy like a hesitant bride and soon proudly overhead making us scamper to the nearest shade.

Greene said ‘When we get to work with what there is,we find new ways to employ this material’. That proved true in camp. I learnt how to churn out articles with a pen and jotter seeing the editorial team had to perform without a computer.I learnt how to hold a phone through the night seeing I had to charge it and I had a hundred room mates. And I learnt humility when the camp clown said I marched like ‘a pre-degree student’.

Did I tell you about the sheer variety of languages that exist here?Sometimes I unplug my earphones and just feel myself drift in this cacophony of diversity- Chiazo in his igbo accent, Musa who when he says ‘poor pipe’ actually means ‘four five’, Ade who asks if am ‘hangry’ or if the light is ‘hon’. Great peeps,’em all.

As the days draw to an end,and the bonds of friendship cinch tighter,I would always value my top moment-watching the Nigerian flag ascend with an auditory backdrop of a martial tune, I could feel my heart billow in tune with the polyester of the flag’s material. Good times-these.

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