Hello peeps,someone big just swung by to drop a post.’Big’ not just because he stands at an imposing 6ft. but because he’s the world famous Prince Adewale Oreshade,LLB,BL,OCA,Editor’s Choice Award Winner of the International Society of Poets 2008 and author of the sold out anthology-‘Sad Nectar’. He decided to wish his hearthrob-Faidah the happiest of birthdays; so please read on(its a trilogy and includes the subsequent two posts) and know what happens ‘when a poet falls in love’.

Let me sin
Unto the Lord
Let me stare in
HIS eyes and sin

For I will always
Go back to HIM
Not out of fear
But out of love

No matter how
Distant I am
Today, My lovely
Sweet heart;

I will soon be with you!
Happy Birthday Faidah!!!!!!!!

  1. oreshade adewale says:

    Awesome! Its a poem by me to Faidah!

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