what happened to the lord?

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Deep, Political

My family was the typical. Father was the lord and mother was the propitiator. When the lord got angry, mother would go on her knees and beg for mercy on the soul of the offender. Whenever the Lord got angry and was about to excommunicate any member, he would shout ‘No Jupiter can stop me’, then sometimes mum’s knees and the soft click of the bedroom door would stop him J. That was before the yusufaris got to town-those people who hid knives within their long flowing robes. They walked around the community saying what should be done. Dad charged from his bed intending to confront them while mum held onto him and begged for him to keep his cool. He threw a look of pity at her and stomped back in. Alas, the confrontation could not be postponed for on a certain day, we heard a rude knock which rattled the hinges. Dada opened the door and there was one of the yusufaris-white robe billowing in the wind, black and grey headgear making his head look three times bigger and only his red eyes showed. There was a brief argument and for the first time, I saw the lord’s shoulder slump.

These days, the yusufaris jump on their bikes and set off at high speed towards the Kwatungwai area of town where most churches are located. They always leave with a polythene bag held loosely. ‘They have bombs in the bag which they throw into any church that’s occupied’ my friend Kareem whispered to me at the square yesterday. And now the soldiers are in our community, they harassed Aisha the other day-pulled her hair and asked her to show them the location of the yusufaris, one of them slapped her and spat on her whilen she crumbled to the ground heavily. They ripped her head cover off and when she came home sobbing, dad looked at her briefly as if he did not want to notice the bruises on her knees and told her to go meet the mediator. I expected him to stomp out towards the soldiers who still strolled around carelessly but he stomped toward his room and talked in hushed tones the whole day. esterday, the soldiers shot sporadically for hours on end, the lord dived under the bed and his legs shook continuously. When we stood up after hearing the sound of the truck drive off, I saw a wet patch on the lord’s baggy shorts. The lord doesn’t shout again and he speaks in hushed tones as if someone’s listening. I wonder on most days what happened to the Lord.

  1. logor marley says:

    Nice! Really good stuff!

  2. Ola Nøni says:

    Nice post u’ve got here..Keep it up!!

  3. Qghaz says:

    Nice, u should post more often

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