Posted: October 1, 2011 in Memoirs, Rant
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It’s being a while I wrote, the reason for that is not farfetched; Orji Uzor Kalu was given a column in The Sun Newspapers and it kinda tarnished the appellation ‘writer’. Well, I looked at what the business of pastoring has become and lost all self-righteousness, so here I am; back-writing.
At this point, I must say I am an avid patronizer of the interstate. So I will share a recent experience in the popular BRT bus. You know them-red and blue carriages, gliding along a dedicated lane. You take a peek into one and see people in different poses of recline-reading a newspaper, playing the crossword puzzle or Sudoku- and a passerby might just be fooled into thinking these trips pass with everyone engrossed in her own little world. Lie!
Thursday, ending of October, 08: 10 pm
We’re driving down from CMS to Berger. A man at one end is looking into a pamphlet and muttering ‘Die, Die, Die!!!’, I need not search far for his denomination. Anyways, at that point in the bridge where the road widens, our BRT bus stops. The driver calmly steps down and starts to clean the entire expanse of the glass mirror with a towel. Now, a BRT windscreen is something like the glass-booth of the VIP section in a football stadium. So when someone starts to clean such an expanse of glass with a handkerchief, hmmm…get a novel. I watch hypnotized as he made the waving motion over the glass; with the slow pace of a hand weighed down by years of alomo drinking and gripping steerings. Thirty minutes later, he is done and he calmly folds the napkin and resumes his seat at the helm of the bus. All these actions are carried out in the midst of flying curses and insults.
Back home, I told Biola about the driver’s queer behavior. Biola is running his youth service at LAGBUS and is fully informed of the devices and machinations of its staff, he looked at me queerly over his wire rimmed glasses and said ‘Oh, they are to close for 9pm. So if he doesn’t delay like that, he’s gonna make the return trip’.
It finally dawned on me; the reason for the slow drivers at a certain time of the day. Well, I guess someone should reward those drivers with better remuneration so incidences like this stop, and for you saying they should be rewarded based on the number of trips they run; it would just lead to more accidents my sister.

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