My Top Ten Moments of 2011 (1)

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Memoirs

December 20th or 21st: Uche Ezedike was my best friend in Federal Government College, Odogbolu. I knew all his mannerisms-funny dude. One of them was the way he would adopt a poker face and say ‘I’ll slap you now o!’. He did this whenever he was angry. It always made me laugh. A popular picture in school was Uche mad at someone, adopting his poker face and raising his hand threatingly while I was doubled over in the throes of raucous laughter. Well, December, 2011, we were opportuned to spend some professional time on a new job. It came with an office apartment so we worked, slept and woke up to work again-that’s what was expected sha!
Second day on the job, my tailor came around the office to drop off an order and we all got talking. At a point in the conversation, Uche whipped out six yards of linen material from nowhere and said he wanted a traditional attire. Him and tailor made the necessary negotiations, a date was set and both looked forward expectantly. A day to the delivery, the tailor called to tell me in-confidence that he won’t be able to deliver. I wasted no time in telling Uche while we strolled back from a late dinner. He stopped mid-stride, adopted that poker face and blurted ‘Tafa, I will slap him o’.
I doubled over on the tar road-that gesture and statement brought six years worth of memories rushing back J

December-I have always seen religion in simple terms. Pay your tithe and you won’t go broke. Go to church on Sunday and the week will go fine. I paid my tithe on a Sunday and was broke as at Tuesday. When things like this happen, riotous thoughts run through my mind like why I didn’t jejely use the tithe for recurrent expenditure during the week.
As I trudged home that Tuesday evening, various thoughts ran through my mind. Top on the list was that my investment had not paid off because the other party had defaulted. In the sanctity of my room, I opened the day’s portion of my devotional-Open Heavens, and the message was about serving God on his own terms. It talked about how God did not want to be served as we deemed fit but as His Eminence desired. It gave examples of worldly ways which we might think amounted to serving God. That was an eye opener for me and jerked me out of my reverie of tithing and church attendance being the ultimate service

Note: I did not give my life to Christ in 2011, this was a moment of clarification.

June-D’ you know Dr. Patience Akpan? She runs the column-‘Medals’ in Punch and lectures in… I’m an avid reader of her column. Well, I really liked one of her posts on the way Nigerians adopt western cultures even when these are discordant. I replied with an article in the same vein which I blogged and sent a copy to her. She replied in the kindest words and yes…I felt pumped about that. Moments like this and kind words from ‘up-there’ writers make me convinced and pleased about the course we have blah blah blah… I just noticed I was getting too serious and formal with this-it never helps. J

4. June-After my ordeal, sorry experience in camp, I headed home. I branched at some places on the way and finally got home at night. Me and siblings had the ritual ‘Overwelcome to the Tafa Family’. Lemme quickly explain that, it simply means how me and my siblings welcome visitors we love. We scream and jump on you. All four of us, that is one skinny sister, another chubby one and cool me jump on you. Well, you fall and we laugh and scream your pet name. Savage ba? Anyways, after that, I had a Santa Claus moment in which I called everyone and distributed gifts. :D, then me and siblings chatted way into the night and by 5 a.m. I was off-onto the next adventure.

5. The principal of my alma mater, Christ the Redeemer’s International Secondary School, Akure (CRISSA), Pastor Akosile is a great man. If I write about him, I will exceed the 800-word limit for this post. Well, he called me on my graduation day to apologize that he was unable to make it and felicitate. ‘Twas a big something.
So here, these are the first five. Truth be told, I haven’t written the last five. I just hope peeps juggle my memory on great hang-outs that should be here. Yeah, that’s a ploy to get more comments on the note too ;).

  1. damie says:

    First †̥ comment! 😀 Nice post! ßυt where’s my name? ( ._. )

  2. chinasa says:

    Your writing prowess is second to none. Proud of you dude. More ink in your pen T Baba

  3. chinasa says:

    Your writing prowess is second to none. Proud of you dude. More ink in your pen. T Baba

  4. @itunubod says:

    Tenkss 4 ya effort in marketin ma products earlier in d year…..I respekt dose hurstles man

  5. osisiye says:

    Dammie my dear,your name truly deserves to be there with a love smiley and 18+ tag…xxx

  6. suleiman onimisi joseph says:

    Its really nice…well I expect nothing less thou

  7. happiness kerry says:

    Tafaliscus! Hpe u don’t mind my new way of calling you. I need you to realise that the world is waiting to name you among the literary iconoclast and place you beside literary stalwarts like William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg if only you stay focus. I believe in you and back then in school I saw you as a role model and still sees you that way. I want you to know how much you’re appreciated and admired amongst your peers for your vivacious, striking sense of witty and discriptive, sharp to the point short stories. Do know the sky is just ur starting point.

  8. Kilson says:

    Lovely moments there. Modestly and compellingly articulated.

  9. phoenixrebel says:

    Okay, it’s obvious I’m the last person to read these posts (hence my ‘delayed’ comments), but I cannot help but say this: you make me have major regrets on why I stopped writing in the first place… captured memories do wonders and as I read your post, I can almost – just almost – feel these were my top ten moments too!
    Very nice work. My comments on other posts continue. 🙂

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