Do you practice your smile?

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Memoirs, Relationship, Sekshual

‘Do your practice your smile in front of a mirror?  You know, the way you tilt your lower lip in front and show just a fraction of your teeth’

When she smiles, she opens her eyes just a bit wider. It gives you the impression that she is seeing you anew for the first time.

Let me introduce you to the young lady under my literary lens. Her name is Seun. She has fine skin, like Richocco (before the adulteration began). Her eyes twinkle, even when she’s not smiling. And she radiates a certain confidence, like most people in the medical profession do.

The event was an Art Exhibition hosted by the Artwyn Gallery. It was themed ‘From Eko with Love’.

I walked into the chilly confines and was hit by a blast of colour. Colourful artworks adorned every spare space on the wall. The artworks on display ranged from painting to sculpture and gauze. My favorite was one of a hooker dialoguing with a customer. I loved that one. The lady leaned on the door jamb of the man’s car. Every beautiful artwork captures something; something indecipherable to the eyes but open to the mind. In this one, it was the way she leaned. It spoke to one that she didn’t lean for succor. There was something in the set of the lady in the picture that was practiced, manly and independent. It was real. ’Forty thousand naira’ read the tag on that. ‘Fair’, I thought.

I saw her upstairs.

She was wearing a pink blouse, casually holding her white smartphone and the tiny braids on her head radiated a black sheen.

‘Are you thirsty? Do you want a Coke?’

‘Aww’ she smiled; that smile. ‘No, I had chapman, just a while ago. You should order a drink for yourself though, you look like you need one’


At that moment, Ferdy taps me on the shoulder. ‘We’re leaving’ he says.

I stand up and follow suit. My intended question is lost in the stream of farewells and group photographs.

I never got to ask her, if she practices that smile in front of a mirror. 😦


  1. Hair Benders says:

    Deep into the night, in the early hours of the morning. I am quietly battling with my imsomnia and then my smartphone makes that familiar sound (Klaunnnn), I’ve got a message and guess who?…Osisiye. Osisiye’s messages have always been brief and precise like the parable of the mini skirt, short but covering the vital organs. Today he sends me a link to his blog and I click to have a feel of what he’s been writing but this boy has only succeded in compounding my imsomnia with this lovely write ups, I eventually read all the stories and here I am, lonely, cold, and sleepless, thinking about the stories one by one….I’m thrilled with the comic, the dictions,the details and most especially the blogger (smiles)

  2. habay says:

    Have said this before, Osisiye is gradually convincin me that there is more to literature than what i thought it was. Anyway thanks for keepin me awake all thru the night by readin over nd over again

  3. Jemjem says:

    I think d girl shoulda had kinky hair or untamed curls…&Ferdy is such a spoilsport…*dont tell him I said dat 😀
    Wen I was gon be chief bridesmaid twice in a month,I had to practice a smile wit my cuz,u don’t want to b caught in a Picsho wit an “ugly” smile…heheheee

  4. toosin says:

    …and osis has spoken
    From the intro,I tot its about how we all smile in front of mirrors, but don’t wen we aren’t (som of us,at least )
    Nice one bro..if only she kuld see this and answer ur questn 🙂
    I think Som ppl naturally just have those good smiles..reminds me of how I met somone…looking forward to ur next post 😉

  5. berkley najomoh says:

    Lovely piece…..u will get the chance sometime soon

  6. Dhame_lawal says:

    Lool… That was my fav picture also. The hooker was well endowed…

  7. Cynthia says:

    I am proud of this writing and the wrriter..its insightful and leaves u questioning yourself….do I practice my smile in the mirror? Or is it something that shd be reflected in my eyes? Bravo!!!! well written

  8. D_countess says:

    I know Seun. She is exquisite, very nice and has a heart of genuinity. Her heart portrays her smile. She is my sister, my friend, my family, my best friend. I appreciate ur tots on her osisiye bt do knw dis, out of d abundance of d heart, d mouth speaketh. She doesn’t practice her smile osisiye, she doesn’t rehearse it either. For as d day breaks wif her in sight wif d sun’s rays on her, it blesses her wif such perfection n wonderment n awe u av been fortunate to av come in contact wif..

  9. Michael says:

    Smiling shows the depth of beauty one posseses on the inside.neva go a day without smiling

  10. adun says:

    Osisiye,u really did capture dt smile in words,cos I knw 4 a fact,dt it’s exactly hw she smiles,and her eyes do twinkle.
    U are a great writer,as is d “hair bender person,I also thot it was sme sort of continuation @ 1st.
    Great blog!

  11. delgado says:

    Nice piece.. I bet it coms naturally 4 her.. I’ve seen dat smile b4… It’s ‘captivating’ ^_^.. LoL… U’ll get anoda chance 2 ask her 🙂

  12. labalaba says:

    Her smile …..Something indecipherable to the eyes but open to the mind.

  13. rola says:

    It such a sweet story….I wish someone can do the same for me..its really cute!! I love it.

  14. Kilson says:

    Tafa has wowed us again!

  15. bidemi williams says:

    Very articulate and picturesque. It has this ‘cliff-hanging’ effect… makes one wish this bit is just a prologue to something more exhilarating. Its quite interesting and indeed encouraging to know that Nigeria still has great and fine talent in arts and literary skills…a wonderful and well put together piece, I must say.

  16. Pamilerin says:

    Yhurp! That’s Seun alright.

  17. itsalwaysaboutsomething says:

    Yes its that’s smile…gets them everytime. Ans noe. Its not practiced in front of the mirror

    The artwyn exhibition was beautiful too, thnk you for coming.

    The transaction (the painting ur referring to) was my best too… A workman not ashamed of his tools…

  18. olukemi says:

    Nice piece…most peeps leavin a comment seem to know d writer and tend to relate his writing wits with his person..#i dont knw him#..however,i do know d main character in ds piece nd i kno she is a great person and she’s got a wonderful smile…i guess ds exactly is d lil prob i hv with acknowledging d literary part of d writing..i found masef more engrossed in relating d piece to seun and d most time imagining her smile.if ds was d original intention of d writer,then i must say a bravo!!
    If however,his intents were judging his writing capabilities,then i’ll say,it cud be a lil bit better with more effort nd thought process(…hop am not gonna be crucified)…but i hav a strange feelin dt he’s got better literary all,it was a nice one and absolutely not boring!!

  19. terdoh says:

    Okay, this is just so simple and yet so beautiful. The message was well conveyed. No unnecessary yarns.

    I absolutely love it. Good one.

  20. @Ms_BeeA says:

    This is really really really good. I totally enjoyed & absolutely loved it.

  21. Awesome blog, fierce writing skills, you put bloggers like me to shame. *applause and a wink*

  22. phoenixrebel says:

    Nice story, it left me smiling…
    Yes, I have tried countless times to practice a ‘perfect’ smile infront of a mirror.
    No, the smile is yet to be mastered, and remains to be seen by anyone except myself. So now, when I smile, what you see is what you get.


  23. Esohe says:

    Hmmn****very nice,do I practice d way I smile?…tried it once or twice, but I always revert to d normal way I smile & I tend to do dat almost everytime…. Nice piece of literature.

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