Some things are useless without memories

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Deep, Memoirs
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‘Osisiye, why are you always wearing this shirt’?


I looked at the red T-shirt again. It hugged my thin frame in a very nice way. The neck line is superb-fitted but not strangling. It has the picture of a mouse on it-the mouse is kicking out like in a kung-fu class. This T-shirt is my classic stay-at-home wear. Come Thursday, Friday, Saturday-you will find me wearing it. If I am not wearing it, then it is on the line.

That T-shirt was once an outing shirt and I had so many memories with it. I wore it on the day me and Folu went to Savannah.I once wore it to a bar with friends and from there, we had an impromptu slumber party so I had to wear it all-night, then run into school at 10 a.m. in a frantic bid to meet up with a lecture.  I also wore it when…. Let me not bore you, but me and this cute red T-shirt with the yellow label, we’ve got history.

Now I have converted it to a knock-about.

You can never feel alone wearing such a shirt.

So many of the things we do are products of memories, and don’t they make them all so sweet?

It’s just like listening to ‘Hit the Road Jack’ by Ray Charles. You only full appreciate and love that song after watching the movie ‘Ray Charles’.

So here, use the comment box people, let me know things you do, wear, say, places you go to that are all based on the memories these bring up.

Some Love, Osisiye.


PostScript: For the next two weeks, I’m gonna be blogging everyday, so help me God. Call it a two week blogger challenge. Show some love people and come on in everyday. Better still, follow this blog so you get a daily mail delivery of this. Cheers

  1. Kilson says:

    Ok… for me, it was this small, fluffy, tiger-skin-patterned bag that i carried around 4 close to 5 years! And why? It was my first friend-bought birthday gift. I was 12 then and i had always thought birthday gifts & cards only came from parents & aunts & uncles & god-parents bcos dt was my own experience. So it came as a really sweet, novel and (can we use chivalrous for females? lol!) gesture 4my friend, my age-mate 2go out of her way to get me a gift… PS: 11 years later, that bag is still alive and not frayed, though its no longer in operation. Who knows what old wives’ tale i can concoct with it if it lives 2see another 50 to 60 years from now?!

  2. phoenixrebel says:

    Oh, that was a way of life for me growing up! Every thing I owned had a memory attached to it, from Charlie – my first stuffed animal (a grey elephant) – to the ancient ring mother gave me (which is quite older than myself). I still keep and use a couple of memory-laced items, but am careful with how often I do that; afterall there are some things you just want to forget.

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