The day we forgot

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Sometime last week; Wednesday to be precise, I slept deep. In my sleep, I heard a voice but unlike Samuel, I ignored it.


I woke up later and it was 6:00 a.m. Shit! I was screwed. The voice was my alarm clock and my ignoring it was akin to signing my death warrant sack letter.

It’s this simple, if I do not get to the BRT point for 6: 00a.m, I would get to work late. Now waking up at 6: 00 a.m is just atrocious; before man bath, wear cloth, spray perfume and grab laptop bag…Chai!

On days like this, I wish I have enough money so I call OAS and simply fly to work.

I got into the bath, ignored my bar of soap and squirted some bath gel into the bucket of cold water. Then sharply, I poured that bucket of bathgel scented water on my body and in the same breath, whipped my towel on and ran out of the bathroom. Gone was the endless pondering over my wardrobe, the first shirt I touched was worn and in two minutes, I was on the road.

On the bike which would take me to work, I glanced at my wrist to know how I had fared, and bare wrist met me. Screw up number 2: I forgot to wear my watch.

I got to the BRT Depot and walked straight to the head of the queue. Now the BRT system works this way; if you come very late and you are in a hurry, you can join a very short queue which is made up of people who want to stand throughout the duration of the journey. This queue is always made up of 22-25 year-olds (physically fit folks) and most of them regret the decision midway the trip.

On this fateful day, I wasted no time in joining the ’standing’ queue. I STOOD THE ENTIRE DURATION FROM BERGER TO TAFAWA BALEWA SQUARE!!!Image

When we got to TBS, I stepped down gingerly. My muscles were sore and I felt, ‘I’ll just go to the convenience in the office and sleep for good thirty minutes when I get in’. (I read somewhere that bosses don’t mind employees sleeping during work hours, they just don’t wanna see you doing it)

As I walk into Tafa Balewa Square, my overall boss calls me ‘Osisiye, where are you’

‘Err, I am almost at the office’

‘Let me see you when you get in’

Thing is I wasn’t scared cos I had no idea how late I was. No wrist watch; no idea of the time remember? (PS: My phone’s screen had a problem then)

The day passed in a blur and after business hours, I headed to Oriental Hotel for my church’s midweek service. (Please don’t ask if I took that nap in the convenience (-_-)


Service was longer than usual cos we had a preacher from Ireland. Thing is I head back to Magodo after service, that means crossing the Third Mainland Bridge and all.

After service, I had a brief conversation with a lady friend.

‘Hey! How are you’

Fine, fine. How was your week?

Not bad’. She noticed my backpack-the reference to the fact that I didn’t come with a car. ‘Are you going to Ajah?’ she asked kindly.

‘Nah, Magodo actually’

She opened her mouth in surprise and said ‘Then you should be on your way’

I didn’t share her fears, I had no idea what time it was.

At Magodo, as I walk to my house, a man walks in front of me carrying a metal rod. He stops at the lamp post at the junction and started striking it. Yeah, that’s the sound the vigilante men make when its midnight.

I got back in at midnight but throughout the day, I never truly panicked cos I wasn’t wearing a watch’. Perhaps, its not an entirely bad thing going out without a watch. I should do it more often.

Night routine: I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face and as I lay down to sleep, I wear my watch. Some things shouldn’t be repeated twice.

PS: You didn’t enjoy reading this post? Well, I had an accident on Easter Sunday and typed this with 4 fingers-skillz. Better posts when we heal J

  1. jemjem says:

    -_- err…did u spell TafaWA Belewa Square as TAFA Belewa square???? Wake up man!!! U r dreamin/over-sleeping again… :p

  2. monisola says:

    ℓ☺ℓ…I saw the ‘tafa balewa square’ too….but for real,I think it’s cool sometimes when we are not aware of what time it is,for me it helps me do stuffs faster….

  3. Keren-happuch says:

    Loool, interesting!!

  4. chinasa says:

    Nice piece even though u did dis with four fingers lol!.

  5. Esther says:

    Nice post..

  6. Solomon Mamman Jiya says:

    Nice one Coz. Next time just forget your head on the pillow and say d next day that you were stooling and couldn’t get to work… Be warned sha dat if you are nabbed don’t quote me. Lol

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