I Fear

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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*Dusts cobweb, pursues rat that has started breeding, opens blog windows for fresh air to come in*
People have always asked if I write poems. I wish. I love the term ‘Poet’. I love the depth and economy of language. Anyways, the variant of poems I write is called a narrative, like the one I wrote after I left school. Click here for details.
I tried my hands at another narrative recently. Enjoy reading.

I fear
I fear for the time when I will have hairs in my ear
Long whiskers coming out of my nose
Then I will need tweezers for them
And point at my nose knowingly each time I go to the barber’s

I fear
I fear for that time when after doing some writing, she will look at me with eyes full of promise and say ‘Now let us try to make your other pencil work’
But it won’t 😦

I fear for the time when my bushy eyebrows will turn a steely grey
Ah! I fear for that time and I treasure this time

Photo Montage: @quebec_demmy
Dual Pencil idea from ‘Midnight Children’ by Salman Rushdie
An Osisiye Tafa Production, 2012
Haha..No go think am o!

  1. opeowotumi says:

    Lol @ The other pencil

    Nice one again sir Tafa. And I’m sure if you put your heart to it, the title “poet” is not so far away

    • osisiye says:

      Haha. Mr. Super Blogger, thanks for coming on here o. Amen o, I have always envied poets, they write so few words and probably make more money. They don’t even need an editor-poetic license they call it..lol

  2. Marcel @Hybern8 says:

    lol, Fear Fear! i think i’ll enjoy it as i am enjoying now. i love the poem because it has a reversed psychological effect on my thinking of growing old. my fear for growing old would ignite my preparing for the future now. Making sure that i’m well prepared to go in to it. growing old is same as getting married. I have crossed the latter. I have no fear.

    A good read. cheers dude.

  3. Nsisong Effiong says:

    Two thumbs up!
    Don’t be worried about becoming a poet, keep on like this and the poet will become you.
    I love encountering new vistas and admire people who try things differently

  4. Hunter says:

    Osisiye my friend you are a good writer. I feared also when u mentioned 2 pencils……..and why have they been inactive

  5. chinasa says:

    You don mad finish! Lol

  6. phoenixrebel says:

    We all got fears… Some of ours are becoming ridiculously overbearing!
    One thing you should never fear, however, is about your ‘pencil’ not working; we have a joke in my house about a man’s ‘pencil’ being able to function and pro-create even 24hours after he is dead!
    Nice work, don’t keep us waiting long again.

  7. ayanzbreeze says:

    big one bro….i dont fear for my other pencil eva failing at all dou, dat one is built to function forever,hehe, nice write up

  8. olawaledurojaiye says:

    Lol, my fear is similar but I never imagined my other pencil not working, just always thinking about the day I would be old and feeble and one big kid would call me grandpa….then I can only imagine what would be left in life to pursue if not to quietly wait for death to come.

  9. tumi adeyemi says:

    …simple and on point…kudos bruv

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