A Jerrycan of Petrol and a Bible

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Deep, Memoirs, Political
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‘I have filled my tank. If this continues, I will just pick some clothes, you and Tola and head for the border’

‘Haha! I doubt if it will come to that’.

This exchange occurred between me and Bryan in the wake of the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protests and Christmas Day bomb blasts. Tola is his girlfriend.  It was a time when events were at a standstill and the idea of leaving the country for good crossed not a few minds.

June 3rd, five months after, the same air descends on the country-the air of ‘To what end? Where are we headed with all these?’. This is owing to an event which will infamously go down in history books as ‘Black Sunday’. The day in which Nigeria experienced twin tragedies of a bomb blast in Bauchi and a plane crash in Lagos which claimed all 153 lives aboard.

This time, Bryan did not store petrol. He spread around open Bibles and talked about affliction, cleansing the Land and Moses. This time he prayed and sadness hung in the air like harmattan mist at dawn.  It was the sort of event in which a part of us all died.

Events like this, what options do you have but to leave or just pray…pray.

  1. Marcel @Hybern8 says:

    hmmm. I bow my head in grief!

  2. chinasa says:

    Bro! Before praying, we need to purge our system charlattans. God can never come down to fix our system. It starts with us first.

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