Other people have made me happy

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Memoirs
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Today, I don’t wanna write about myself. I am gonna write about other people. Recently, other people have made me happy.

Jide came to CRISSA in his penultimate year-S.S.S 2. That’s quite weird. In secondary school, people switch in the second year of junior secondary or first year of senior secondary. He was a great guy and we always teased him about his chapped skin, long nose and many other things. Secondary school was all about teasing actually.

Redeemer’s day is a big event in CRISSA. It is the day that Redeemed schools all over the country meet. It’s a week-long fiesta of football games, cultural presentations, march pasts and other competitive activities that make a secondary school student tick. All CRISSA students live to go for Redeemer’s Day. It is the apogee of the school year. When you remember that we do not have prom nights and all those western fancy stuff here, you get the gist of Redeemer’s Day. The only class that had free entry to this event is the final class-S.S.S 3. Probably a way to make sure that all students at the end of their stay get at least, a visit to the event.

In SSS 2, I did not go for the event. See, I could not play football and I would not subject myself to wearing skimpy shorts and marching. As an aside, I think boys that marched back then have evolved into today’s gays. Marching was (is) such an effeminate activity-shorts, long white socks, white gloves; swing your legs and arms…Common!

In my final year at CRISSA, I encountered a problem heading for the Redeemer’s Day. I was broke. I sold my GSM phone. Wait! I did not explain this part well. In year 2005, I owned a Samsung R220 a.k.a. Blue Screen. That phone with the blue shining screen. Then I downloaded a polyphonic ringtone; ‘Mr. Lecturer’ by Eedris Abdulkareem. Life could not have been better. So I sold that lovely phone, the centre of my existence for four thousand naira. All for Redeemer’s Day!

Redeemer’s Day approached and I encountered another problem. They said I had to do something to go. I don’t mean something like depriving myself of a phone. They wanted me to play ball or something. I laugh! I was thin and short then. There was no way I would with my eyes wide open enter a field with old Samuel, lanky Aro or the stocky Ajidagba. I watched from the corridor of the hostel as the last bus departed for Redeemer’s Day. It’s very few times in life one encounters such misfortune; selling a prized possession to get slush funds for a trip and missing the trip.

That was when I met Jide. Jide was in S.S.S 2. Very amiable. For the first day, we rued missing the event. By the second day, we settled into the routine. We were so few in the hostel and had a lot of water. Water meant a lot back then, even now. So there were no queues at the water pump and no housemaster bugging us to go for prep. We talked about books. He wanted to be the best student in his class. He had an albatross in the way of Sola-a sprightly young man with a four-corner head who always got maximum marks in his tests. We talked about girls. He had (still has) a crush on Moni Fadahunsi. I encouraged him in this Quest. Well, we spoke about my issues too, but as I said, today, I will write about other people. We spoke about Life. Jide had a burning passion for perfection and a balance between his academics and social life.

Redeemer’s Day finally came to an end. The buses returned on Saturday night, dusty. The students returned excited; Itunu with stories and Tobi with lies. Wait, why did I write this piece? Oh! Recently, Covenant University had her convocation. Jide finished with a First Class from Petrochemical Engineering. He will soon start eating Shell money. I am proud of him.

  1. czar says:

    Jydodidondon odidondon , if only people knew d origin of dis name , nice 1 bro

  2. Bawllerday says:

    There’s something about this piece that I really love. As it were, I’m still smiling sef. Well done Osisiyenemoi.

  3. Ewaoluwa lorei hycepwincess says:

    Wow! I love this…… (y)

  4. tope says:

    A lot of omg’s and lols,I love this piece especially d witty tone.we want to hear u too,gud piece.

  5. Itunu says:

    Buhahahahahhahaahaaaaa”Itunu with srories, Tobi with lie……PageMana”….Nice lovely image creatin pieace…..Am so proud of Mr Ale “Monebi”.x

  6. Monisola says:

    lmao! oh yeah, Jide did it and we are all so proud of him, He no longer has a crush oh,we are way past that……*straightface*

  7. looool… Moni actually told me to read this and now i see why. I can actually relate cos i attended Redeemer’s High School(RHS),We were the host(and still are)…Redeemer’s Day…*lips sealed*. Lovely piece btw.

  8. now, tafa u are really insane!!!!, jyde!! i’m also proud of him, u all needed 2 see him in covenant, d playful but extremely serious dude (abi shey i lie ni jide?? no 4get say i dey see u well well). den finally i tink i shuld spill moni’s (my crissa twin) secret here, ‘she also lyked jide’ (at one point sha)…

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