The 31st

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Memoirs

I have always wondered how I would like to go into the New Year.

On daring days, I imagine sitting at a vantage point facing the shimmering Christmas decorations in Zenith roundabout and smoking a blunt. I always wonder what they’ll look like to the drug addled mind.Zenith Roundabout


Zenith Roundabout

At night, Simba leaves the edge of my bed where he sleeps and comes to snuggle beside me. His neck with the blue collar is close to mine and his furry body leans into mine. Most times, I read a book or do some writing while he is like this, then take infrequent breaks to pat him. I imagine going into the new year in this pose-with a human being though. It would signify a lot. It would signify Timbuktu-the cubicle I just got. An apartment came with the freedom to own a dog. It would signify my present social life-gone are the back-to-back nights at the pub.

I would decide about this before midnight.aha

  1. chidinma! says:

    Happy new year boo.. I hope our friendship gets better in the new year. Love u!

  2. @Hybern8 (Marcel) says:

    Lol, I’m wondering what your decision woulld be. Anyways, taking a blunt would (might) give u a clearer picture on what you want.

    Well, its a suggestion not a prescribtion.

    Happy NewYear!

  3. abraham says:

    Hmmm…what happened 2 d playboi,badt guy tafmana I used 2 knw???

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