Posted: April 16, 2013 in Memoirs
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I grew up in Akwa Ibom. It was fun. I ate edika-ikong, nkop and afang soup. I attended Christ the Kings Primary School. They had lots of swings. The uniform was a red-checked shirt.  I trekked to school everyday. While going to school, I watched people water their gardens. Everyone in Uyo had a garden, and watered it every morning. I don’t know what they did in the afternoons, I did not see them. Every afternoon, I raced home to Brownie.

Brownie was a local dog a.k.a West African mongrel, ekuke. He had a brown top, white bottom, best coat in the South, dreadlocks behind his left ear and a bad ass. I ran to him after school everyday. A ten year old boy with a dog is happy. He has a friend, a mate, an ally. We walked everywhere together. We played ball. Sometimes, I begged my sister and she allowed him spend the night in the room. His toilet manners were impeccable, he never soiled the bed.

A high school chum, Adeolu with my (new) dog, Simba

A high school chum, Adeolu with my (new) dog, Simba

Brownie loved to kill chickens. Our neigbour had a duck, and this had ducklings, naturally. So Brownie would sometimes kill a duck, other times, he would stare at them with animal longing. This was not good for neighbourly relations.

I returned from school one day and Brownie was not on the balcony. My mum was there, wearing a (half) smile.

‘Mummy, where is Brownie’? I said breathlessly, removing my bag and fetching the small bone I saved from my lunch.

‘Look at your new belt? Don’t you like your new bag?’

I noticed my mum was holding several colourful items.

‘Mummy, where is Brownie’?

She looked at me with a sad look and blurted, ‘We sold him. Daddy said he did not like the way he is killing the neighbor’s pepeye’

I can’t remember my response, maybe I don’t want to. I remember flinging the belt and sandals over the balcony. I remember crying and shouting ‘You will gimme back my dog’. I remember not eating lunch and dinner, and then waking up at night hungry. I remember my Dad saying I should ‘Better behave’.

That’s a long time ago.

But I don’t like the way that ended. Losing my dog to an ugly duckling still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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  1. @bishopade says:

    this post reeks of raw talent. pure and undiluted. you got yourself a fan man!

  2. Dupe K. says:

    What can I say? I simply love it. I remember how I felt when my 1st dog….. Never mind.

  3. lol omg i can totally relate to this story. only that our dog was vicious, eating all my moms chicken. one by one. Literally everyone was scared to go outside our compound if the dog wasn’t caged.. our good ole dog named whisky changed from a compound dog to a wild animal….. eventually my mom and dad ordered the gate man to kill it…nobody was sad though lol

  4. dazeetah says:

    Well done Tafa. Beautiful one!

  5. Chidinma says:

    Nice post. I like! Errmm..I want a dog tho

  6. Dammie says:


  7. Soji Wale says:

    Who wan fi mess with Simba now?? lolz..

  8. ayanzbreeze says:

    why?why? why? *crying*..they sold brownie!!!!! *sobs*

  9. Itunu says:

    Dogs!!! the best and most loyal friend any1 can have…nice piece bro….

  10. Momoh says:

    I remember losing my Jack to death when I was a teeneger, we gave him a befitting burial though. Lol!

  11. Jibola says:

    Not bad

  12. Monisola says:

    People are always sooo close to their dogs….Maybe I should get a dog as well….but dogs are really expensive now oh….As for brownie, you could get another dog, name it brownie it’ll help you erase the bad taste….

    • osisiye says:

      Lol. Funny thing is when I was naming my current dog, mumsy suggested names of my deceased dogs. I feel each dog has a personality and the name syndication takes away from it. Can’t be another Brownie nowhere…lol. And yeah, get a dog already, if you’re in Lagos, I’ll be a support team of sorts 😉

  13. Sade jokotade says:

    Awww….. i know just how it feels to lose a dog… and you re right, every dog has a personality with a befitting name. Thank God you have d ‘fast-becoming-notorious’ Simba now! Lol…

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