Posted: April 18, 2013 in Deep, Guest Posts
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Temidire is all you could ask for in a man. He isn’t handsome neither does he know book like that. He often forgets to wear matching stockings. He is what Jemila and Rukky call ‘presentable’ or ‘just there’. All he has going are good intentions and an infectious laugh.

During the years of reckless abandon, you and the girls shunned all Temidires. You had lovers to warm stormy nights and laze Sunday mornings away with, lean muscled men with beautiful smiles.

As the seasons changed, you sang sad break-up songs and watched ‘Pretty Woman’ over and over again.

Several birthdays later, you realized a Temidire was exactly what you wanted. No, not wanted. All you needed in a man. Hardworking. Smart. Dedicated.

Yesterday, he asked you to be his woman, to wrinkle, and lose your sight and hearing with him.SAM_1074

To build colorful dreams of owning a small bungalow outside Lagos, with wide windows that bathe the room with warm sunshine, and capture the open fields.

There would be dogs and a truckload of children.

You would perhaps die together like that couple in the movie, The Notebook.

Perfect. It was all you often dared to dream of, wished upon stars and cast lucky pennies in fountains for. You should be happy and giddy with excitement. But you want more, or perhaps less, or a little bit of both. You want everything and nothing. Maybe it’s the fear. It’s too perfect. Who are you to truly have all your dreams come true?

You stare at the keys on the table, reach out for a pencil and your weathered notebook. You begin to write,

My dearest Temidire,

Today’s post was supplied by Toluwalase

  1. @bishopade says:

    My dearest Temidire, Toluwalase.

  2. jemmyma says:

    Dreams come true Sisi..tsk tsk

  3. Tell them! But they won’t heed! Cox by the time they realize it and visualize it! Its already late

  4. bwaritales says:

    I love, love, love…. We sometimes really feel we don’t deserve some good things /ppl like Temidire…

  5. Jibola says:

    … I’m claustrophobic and you have B.O like most Yoruba people. Akant britt or tehk eet enimooore. Piece out!

  6. Sade jokotade says:

    I BELIEVE IN <3!

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