Posted: April 19, 2013 in Memoirs
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You are kind, caring and loyal. You love selflessly. You give generously. You correct me with love. You pray with me, you pray for me. You envision with me and you seek with me. Your love is evident in not just words, but proven by your attitude and actions.

You put me above yourself. Every detail that makes you has a whiff of Tumininu in mind. You are intelligent, smart and knowledgeable. I see you as a brother, a father, a teacher, a spiritual guide but most importantly, as a true friend.

You dedicate your time to moulding yourself in Christ. You seek to be a better man, not just for me, but for society.

You are honest in your ways and sacrificial in your love. Even in the midst of scarcity, you make a journey halfway across the world to prove your commitment. You are patient, you are kind. I could continue, but the truth is you define 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

When we argue, you prove your strength by seeking peace. You recognise that I am a handful, yet you focus on the positives and help to improve my weaknesses.

I am treated daily as the queen in your kingdom. In you, I find joy. With you, I am lost in happiness. By your side, I have peace. And when we speak, it is bliss.

With this kind of love, physical beauty is irrelevant. Your good looks will wash away, but your graceful charm and pure heart can be searched for a long time.

Fortunately, Christ has found me worthy to be entrusted into the hands of a king. The Bible says, ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord’. I wonder though, if it were to be edited for females, it’s likely to read as thus, ‘She who finds a husband finds an awesome thing and obtains peace from the Lord’

With you I am complete, I am hopeful and I am more drawn to my Creator.

Some wise person said ‘Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly’. You are not perfect in this world, however, when I look at you, I count my blessings.

You edify the true meaning of the four-letter word and I look forward to spending the rest of my life growing old with you._MG_5201

You need not court a person for a certain amount of days, weeks, months or years. When yours is God-sent, it’s all that matters.

I may not have received you yet, but in the now, at the moment, I, Tumininu, am already in love with you.

Is my dream far-fetched or is it just right?

Today’s post was supplied by Tu/men/in/you: @AtinukeTO


  1. Marcel @Hybern8 says:

    Love defined. #Awesome

  2. @bishopade says:

    Dear @AtinukeTO, i am he!


  3. Monisola says:

    JUST RIGHT!……Love is not impossible…….

  4. @1305Dammie says:

    Love cannot be expressed any better than this………..I so so so so relate! 😀

  5. Sade jokotade says:


  6. Oluwakempex says:

    Gosh, i love this. It settles right home for me like my thots were penned down. Especially your definition of Love.

  7. Omoba says:

    Lovely write up

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