I didn’t write-I’m lazy

Only fine-fine ladies have been featured in the 7 Days Blogging Challenge-I’m sexist.

I put up one post and called it Day 5 and 6-I’m a scam.

The reply to these and many more rants complaints is that I’m sick.

At first, I did not know. The morning it started, I was in the bus. Someone in the bus was legit eating akara and pap. True. So when I felt nauseous during the day, I felt it was because of the Morning Experience.

Later, I knew this was more than pap.

My office has this Health Insurance thing for all workers. So, I took the day off and headed to Keffi Street, Ikoyi. Kings Hospital was supposed to be Number 19. I saw Number 17, Number 18, then Number 22. Spiritual stuff.

I walked into people’s backyards, I mistakenly entered people’s bedrooms, looking for Number 19. Finally, one Bros pitied my condition and told me the hospital had relocated.

I said, since I am here, I have to collect this treatment. So I carried my Health Insurance Card and started gatecrashing into hospitals.

First one was St Francis. Place was fine man, they had gardens and stuff. I told the receptionist that my company’s health insurance covers my treatment here, blah blah blah. I was smiling the whole time, she too, she returned the smile. Next thing, computer did not find my name. They bounced me.

I kept walking.

I saw another hospital, Best Care Hospital. I was determined. I walked in.

This time, I was prepared. From the Waiting Room, I started speaking through my nose. The last time I spoke this way was when I reached Interview Stage in Mobil. As I sat down in the Waiting Room, I started swiping my iPad. This was all too much for them, they just waved me in to see doctor.

Packaging lo so'n owo

Packaging lo so’n owo

As I was talking to the doctor, they finally recognized me for the scam I was and bumped in to walk me out. He had recommended Artesunate. That’s the only thing I heard so I will go and buy it today.

Dear Reader,

D’you have an ex (or partner) that is a doctor in Lagos? Maybe…just maybe he can continue from where  

his peer stopped



Ill Blogger


  1. @ayostephens says:

    LOL! Okay, Crazy. Your affinity for drama is just so. . . SICK. LOL!

    P.S – And I can’t ask my questions about the things you saw barging into people’s bedrooms and backyards on here. Would ask when we see. LOL!

  2. @bishopade says:

    LOL! Sick scammer. you’ve got talent!

  3. @oluwakempex says:

    Lol @ Packaging l’ o n sowo. Anyways,get well soon and try to do a blood test to ascertain what is really wrong.

  4. Taqwa says:

    LoL… Scam… Nice one

  5. Moyin says:

    Okay this post is so funny I have to comment. I didn’t really know you in high school but your ability to infuse humour in your story-telling is great, as well as your writing. Goodluck with your book.

  6. Sade jokotade says:

    I actually have an ex who is a doctor but don’t know if he’ll be willing to treat a ‘perceived’ rival… u know how guy think… Lol…. Though i think you are just being lazy with your malaria story, you might want to spend d time perfecting your ‘butty’ act so you’ll be more convincing in future. Nice one!

  7. femi says:

    Hmmm,I guess I will find more humour than I thought I would get……as for doctors,I have one doctor for a neighbour…he’s a specialist & not a general practitioner. He is more on the cognitive side or more specifically spiritual matters…so unless you need a ring for success or your to be mother-in-law is on your case & you want her off,then I don’t recommend his expertise

  8. DVees says:

    Wow… you are good. I’ve been reading your posts but had to comment today.

    I cant even tell when you are joiking and when you are being serious.

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