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Posted: December 25, 2013 in Guest Posts
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#np Surulere x Dr Sid

It’s December, so you enter a bus and the person beside you puts a fat, squawking chicken on your lap and says ‘No vex, I go soon drop’.

So many people are at the barber’s shop and when you look at the apprentice from the mirror, you notice he is sleeping and standing!

You are at the akara seller’s and someone orders akara worth eight hundred naira!

Simba kills someone’s chicken a day before Christmas!

It’s Christmas and you don’t know what’s real anymore!


Every once in a while, you look through your phonebook and it tells you what type of man you are!

I have a thing for girls with fake eyelashes. Can’t hide it anymore.

All the numbers I collect while hanging out go something like:


I know this is an embarrassment considering my bio goes like


And my room is like


I’m sorry for letting you guys down!


Every once in a while, you listen to certain songs and it seems like those songs speak about where you are at that point in your life!

Right now, Dr Sid and Don Jazzy’s Surulere is the song of my life. I can relate to the song on different levels.

Yeyeyeye Nitori olorun

Yeyeyeye Oya e ma r’erin lo (2ce)


Baba loke lon se gbogbo nkan

O ya won lenu, o ya won l’enu eh eh,

Awon fa mi l’ete ki’n tu’to

Won o le ri mi, won o le ri mi lai lai

Awon aiye won r’ope o parii

Awon ko l’olorun mi

Awon ko l’orun mi o eh


Surulere, suru laiye mi (4ce)

I have to say God has been faithful to me, but he made me wait. During the wait, he also gave me songs and Bible verses that kept encouraging me: from my church choir’s ‘God Has Not Forgot’ song to the Bible verse where he said ‘I shall return to you all the years the locust has eaten’, indeed Surulere.


I’m grateful for how far he’s brought me. I believe you’d also at one time in your life waited patiently for God to do something, you’re perhaps still waiting but permit me to say, Surulere!

He’d do it, he never forgets, he never fails. Surulere!

Merry Chrismas fam!

By @Bishopade

Parting Shot

To download ‘Surulere’, go here: http://notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Dr-SID-Surulere-Remix-ft.-Don-Jazzy-Wizkid-Phyno.mp3

To download Surulere remix with Wizkid and Phyno, here: http://notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Dr-SID-Surulere-Remix-ft.-Don-Jazzy-Wizkid-Phyno.mp3

I can also mail it to you, just indicate!

  1. Hafiz says:

    Interesting post bro. Compliments of the season. I just learned a new word: Sapiosexual.

    Are you applying the dumb blonde stereotype to fake-eyelash chicks here?

  2. Hafiz says:

    Which app is that btw?

  3. jemmyma says:

    Mail me the remix abeg…

  4. niyi bobo says:

    Merry Christmas bro. God really never forgets, and in his time, he makes everything right.

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